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What do The Xavier Group, Ltd. Services Cost?


To seed any good strategy or innovation, you have to put some capital into it. The Xavier Group, Ltd. typically works with its clients on a project basis. All projects have a defined time and scope, and usually can last from as little as one day to as much as several months or years. We do perform pro bono work in certain circumstances. Typically, through, we agree a fixed fee in advance, based on a defined scope of work and work to assign clear outcomes. This is the case whether you need a one-day knowledge workshop, systems engineering or strategic decision support.

Frank X. Sowa, founder/CEO, on his speaking engagements:

Frank X. Sowa, founder and CEO, is available for speaking engagements (covering FXS-Speakertechnology assessments, futures research to a specific location or demographic, leadership, strategy, management, motivation, quality, analytics, and/or comprehensive anticipatory design science regarding future trends and patterns) — either on-site or via teleconferencing through a medium like Skype©. He expects the venue will provide all speaking equipment and pay for all his expenses.

Mr. Sowa does accept pro-bono speaking offers, but typically he suggests an honorarium of $750-3,000 for non-profits; and $1,500-18,000 for for-profits (based on audience, venue facility, and entry fees for audiences. If you have any questions or would like to know more about how he would address a subject, contact him.

If you’d like to know more, contact:

Frank Sowa via The Xavier Group — 412-487-9422

The Xavier Group, Ltd. services:

PRICES 4/1/2018 through Q1 2019

DSC_0072v2NO COST for any introductory meetings and/or continued introductory discussions.

Once an engagement has been accepted …

Situational Analysis complete study:

$895 – Education and Non-Profits

$3,975 – Business and for-profits


$695/day – $800/dayEducation and Non-profits
$895/day – $1,500/day – Business

All consulting is done on a minimum day-rate basis.



Expenses are billed at cost for all speaking engagements, unless predetermined otherwise. Consulting expenses are as follows:


Expenses are included in all consulting within the day-rate fee for any consulting engagement within a 25 mile radius from the Glenshaw, US Post Office, 15116.


Expenses beyond the 25 mile radius are: $0.65 per mile each way from 1005 Charles Street by car, van, bus, or taxi, etc.; or $0.15 per mile each way for air, rail, ship, or other alternative transportation plus actual ticket costs; plus any and all other expenses at cost (including room, board, meals, entertainment, materials, equipment, rentals, taxis, airport transport to venue or lodging, lodging transport to venue, etc.) not to exceed $200/day for non-profits, or $350/day for for-profits.

Special Pricing Discounts are available for multi-month purchases, retainers.


Call for details.

(1 – 3 – 5yr. options) spread out equal payments to match budgets.

based on written proposals, contract review, and meeting project specifications.

We’ll assist you on any knowledge solutions project, affordably augmenting your efforts!

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