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July 29, 2017

Here’s what some clients had to say …

by Frank Sowa

“I find the things Frank Sowa talks about very interesting and exciting. His company’s strategies and logic always seem to be so sound.”    John Bernhard, former President Northern Allegheny County Chamber of Commerce

“The Xavier Group’s strategy work had people here turning around and looking at each OHayanother in disbelief. We thought our strategies were complete — that we’d thought of everything. Xavier’s predictions to help reform our strategies were spot on! Everyone knows there’s no such thing as a crystal-ball, but in a small business start-up like ours, you can’t stop planning and looking forward. Xavier’s predictions may seem like crystal-ball watching sometimes, but Frank is very lucid in backing up his company’s findings  with solid metrics and outstanding analysis … I have been taking his advice, and it has been saving us money and it is working!”   Jacques P. O’Hayan, CEO, Vasoplex, Inc.

“The Xavier Group performed an outstanding study for our company (Space Services deke_slayton_1962-272x317Incorporated of America). Their Founder/CEO, Frank Sowa, was a quick study in clearly understanding what made our for-profit launch system unique to all others. Xavier’s insights and alternative futures forecasting, analysis, and analytics of the emerging markets for low cost and reliable orbital and suborbital launch capabilities for smaller payloads has greatly assisted us with our planning. It was pretty much spot on.” Donald K. “Deke” Slayton, original NASA Mercury Seven Astronaut, President/CEO, Space Services, Inc.

TPBrody“The Xavier Group worked diligently to help us reposition our company; then, once repostioned, to effectively trim costs. Finally, The Xavier Group helped us to obtain needed start-up financing to continue through some very tough times.”Dr. T. Peter Brody, internationally recognized pioneer and inventor of active-matrix (LCD) flat-screen technology, President/CEO, Magnascreen Corporation, Inc.

“I am writing to recommend as strongly as possible Frank Sowa and his entrepreneurial strategic and futures research consultancy, The Xavier Group, Ltd. You should let them assist you with your business. I have used Xavier in projects in studies ranging from terrorism to new technologies in dental care. I have yet to find a topic in which they were not capable of working with us and the demands of the US Government’s critical decision needs.

Frank’s breadth of knowledge and capacity for quick, efficient research turnaround are nearly unique in my experience. More significantly, Xavier never clings to conventional wisdom. They examine our subjects de novo and make sound analyses. Where they have confirmed established beliefs, they provide strong evidence, and often unique reasoning, to back them. Where they have not, Xavier’s research and reasoning have always been convincing.

MarvheadmugI am stating this to you as a former White House Science Forecasting Adviser. Through most of the 1950s and ‘60s, I was head of the Navy Department’s forecasting operation reporting to Admiral Hyman Rickover. Since 1967, I have founded and run my own forecasting firm. At Forecasting International, I have carried out studies for some 450 of the Fortune 500 companies, more than 150 professional and industry associations, and 150 government departments, both in the United States and abroad. I was an advisor to the White House in every administration, Democratic and Republican, from the time of John Kennedy through the second term of Bill Clinton.” Marvin J. Cetron, President, Forecasting International

“American business has two choices – it can either learn to produce better, cheaper products at home to compete globally, or it will live in a society designed to do with less, and it will have to learn to live with that.… We don’t like the criticism and find it very offensive. But we have to look at it positively and change our behavior. I’ve found The Xavier Group’s concepts sound methods to incorporate transformational change.” Ryh-Song Yeh, Professor International Business, Penn State University

“The Xavier Group has been major consultant for my non-profit 21st Century Networking focusing on interdisciplinary linkages among education, business, government, media, technology, community. Creative, out-of-box solutions in dealing with the increasing complexities in today’s world. I trust their integrity, reliability, dependability over our long years of utilizing their services (over a decade.)”   Lewis Jaffe, President, 21st Century Networking

“Frank Sowa, and his company, combine his brilliant mind with excellent visioning. His rick.smyrecapabilities are  found in few people with whom I have worked. He has a distinctive ability to spot “weak signals” that are just beginning to emerge, connect them with multiple factors in systemic ways, and present potential impacts that are very often right on the money. Frank is the kind of person that is needed in this time of historical transition to help organizations and communities prepare for a very different kind of future.”   Rick Smyre, President, Center for Communities of the Future

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