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Meet the Founder/CEO: Frank X. Sowa






Frank X. Sowa

Strategist • Futurist • Entrepreneur • Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Scientist

Frank X. Sowa has been a successful Serial Entrepreneur, Strategy Consultant, Futurist, and Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Scientist since the late seventies. In 1981, he founded THE XAVIER GROUP Ltd., an international consultancy that provides strategy, leadership, analytics, and technology assistance for organizations including over 40 Fortune 500s, multiple government agencies and educational organizations, and over FXSmugTXGofficeLrg700 small businesses, non-profits, and start-ups.

As a professional strategist, futurist, author, and speaker, Frank is hired by organizations to help devise meaningful, effective strategies, that often focus on technology innovations that’ll impact their operations for better results. He also provides ideas and assistance to help them cope best with disruptive advancements, so they don’t get unexpectedly broadsided.

Frank worked for over 10 years with Marvin J. Cetron, Ph.D., founder of Forecasting MarvheadmugInternational assisting in creating many of his forecast timelines, technology assessments, WMD / terrorist and foreign policy assessments for the White House, the Pentagon, NSA Cyberthreats, Homeland Security, NASA, Professional Pilots, World Future Society, Committee on Foreign Relations, Davos, CNN, Washington Post, Newsmax; and for Industrial, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation and Financial Technological and Economic Outlooks for business customers.

theodore.jay.gordonFrank also worked on many projects with Theodore J. Gordon, Founder of The Futures Group, co-founder of the Millennium Project with Ray Kurzweil. Ted, a former RAND Corp consultant was also Chief Engineer at McDonnell Douglas’ Saturn S-IV, and Director of their space station, hypersonic vehicles, and deep space vehicle operations.

Frank has a demonstrated ability to lead, mentor, create, incubate, disrupt, and start-up anticipatory transformational technology-based organizations with sound strategies that optimize value, innovation, and thereby success. Frank was a pioneer in networking and the Internet and founded 3 businesses. He was also a senior-management director at three Fortune 500’s.

Frank is available for mentoring, speaking to your group or company, as well as being hired for strategy, leadership, technology, or analytics consulting.

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